Tokyo Boys#004

"Tokyo Kiki Ippatsu (Crisis of Tokyo)" 14min 30sec

Director/Screenplay: Junichi Yamamoto
Cast: Mikako Tabe, Yoshiyuki Morishita

A young woman comes to Tokyo from Aomori, hunting for job. She founds a job as a member of “earth defence force”. The force watch over us everyday for any intruders from the universe. It must be a proud position, however, she feels dubious about her co-workers. Then, an event suddenly changes her! Truly, strange people have strange careers in Tokyo!?

Junichi Yamamoto

Born in Tokyo, July 24, 1970.
Directed Films:
After studying film arts in Toho Gakuen, Yamamoto becomes an assistant director of historical plays in Kyoto Studio Park. From 1992, he develops films at IMAGICA, and also starts to create his own films. His first work “Ringamania” was shown in Yubari Off Theater, 1997. The second work, “Meatball Machine” was shown at Musashino Cinema World, 1999. The second film, “Girlfriend: Stratos” was shown at Ikebukuro Cinema ROSA in July 2003.

Mikako Tabe

Born in Tokyo, January 25, 1989.
Tabe acts in TV dramas and commercials.
In 2003, she was a cast in “2003 Summer Special Musical, Sailormoon, Starlights” as a Sailor Star Healer.

Yoshiyuki Morishita

Born in Tokyo, 1962.
Morishita makes his debut in Takeshi Kitano’s movie, “Ano-natsu, Ichiban Shizuka-na Umi”. Then, he continues to be a cast in Kitano’s movies such as “Sonatine” and “HANA-BI”. He is one of the most famous supporting actor in Japan acting in many films created by representative young Japanese directors such as Katsuhito Ishii (“Samehada Otoko to Momojiri Onna”, “SF Whipcream”) and Sadao Yukisada (“GO”, “Zeitaku-na Hone”).

[The Making]

The hidden theme of the story is job hunting and transformation...? It is all about saving our earth!

Yamamoto, how did this story come about?
---“I always wanted to try the earth defence force. When I was very little, I wanted to be the member of the earth defence force, and in elementary school, and in junior high school, and even in high school…I have always thought about becoming one of them…Then I finally got the chance.”

So, his dream has finally came true as a film! Members of the defence force are unique actors. There are times where the director was taught by actors.

--- “In the play, I’ve written ‘this line should be said like this…’, but when an actor acts in a total different way, I felt like ‘Oh, that’s right. I was wrong. I’m sorry...’ In scenes that I do not have a firm image, I let them do whatever they want to. That’s more interesting.”

For Mikako Tabe, this film has become the first try as a main character. Such a fresh debut! So, how do you feel about the role? Was it difficult?

--- “I tried the lines many times with my mom or just myself in the room by tracing back what I’ve been advised before.”

How do you feel about the unique members and the director?

--- “I thought it was nice that everybody came up with their own ideas and trying new things that are not advised by the director.”
You will become a unique actress through various works!

What is your impression Yamamoto, Captain Morishita?

---“Ultraman, Masked Rider, Kikaider…These are all children’s dreams. They are heroes. The director continues have that dream inside of him.”
Captain, you certainly seemed to have that dream, also!

Even though the story is truly unique, the woman acted by Tabe has some common grounds with the general modern woman. They have troubles in their career and life. In an extraordinary story, some reality is shown in a Yamamoto style.

It is a relief to know that some people in somewhere are working to save our lives, in Tokyo. Such a relief becomes more important in these days where anything can happen.

By the way, I can not ignore how unique these earth defence force members are. Right, Captain?

---“It’s interesting to observe myself acting an unrealistic role to save the earth…even more, Morishita is so unique thinking so deep about truly saving it. I‘ve met these members for the first time, but it was a strange feeling I that I‘ve known them for a long time….”

Well, please continue to watch over us, Captain!